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"Rae helped me get off my diabetes medication!  And I feel confident now that I will never have to go back on those.  Her knowledge of disease processes and style of communicating made it easier for me than I ever thought it could be."


"Finally, after years and years of trying, I'm losing weight the healthy way.  It's slower than I hoped for but I know it's forever and that feels great!  Rae really knows her stuff.  Her knowledge of the human body and brain and how they are affected by food and movement made all the difference for me.  Plus, she asked great questions that really made me think."


"Rae is awesome!  She's kind and warm.  She really made me feel heard and understood without any judgment.  With her help, I removed my toxic ex-husband from my life.  Since then, I've made so many more positive changes.  She taught me a process of change that is working in so many areas of my life.  I can't wait to see who I become in the future."


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