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My Services

I believe life (all of it) can and should be pleasurable, but it can't be if we don't take care of ourselves.  I would love to help you carve a new path for yourself that will put your life on a happier healthier trajectory.  Your path may not look like mine and that's okay.  Your health journey only needs to work for you. Here are some of the ways I can help you get started.

Personal Program

Psychology Patient

The Personal Program is a one-on-one individualized healthy living program.  This program is designed specifically for you with your goals in mind.  This program will require that we meet in-person. A minimum of eight sessions are recommended to establish a solid base for positive changes.  All specifics for your personal program are determined from your goals which we will discuss in depth.  I believe no pre-set program works for all people.  For healthier living to be a life long endeavor, each person must do it their way.  I will help you do it your way...a way you can continue, indefinitely.


Senior Citizen Exercise Class

The SilverSneakers Program is a host of group fitness classes.  Some even include the latest research and information on aging.  This program is designed for Seniors only.  Eligibility is determined by the SilverSneakers program ( and classes are free to anyone who is eligible.  Various classes and formats are available.  Check the schedule ( for live online classes in your home or if you're looking for an in-person class, contact Rae.  She's a certified SilverSneakers Instructor who is happy to help get SilverSneakers classes started near you.

Healthy Living Workshops/Classes

Group Discussion

The Healthy Living Workshops are designed to give you information about living a healthful life.  Based in science, and continually updated to reflect the latest research about living well.    Come and learn how habits, food, movement, sleep, environment, relationships, finances, occupation, spirituality, and attitude affect the human body.  You'll leave the workshop/class with a plan for how to improve your life, starting today.

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